0n0 - 0n0logy [2014]

0n0 - 0n0logy [2014]

uploaded by oieuverj

Список треков:

Side A:
01. The Cave
02. Chaosmos
03. Other People's Rules (feat. Neonovie Igolki & Dj Smile Fanatik)
04. Bonnie & Clyde (Splin cover)
05. 2000 Leagues Under The Emptiness
06. Engines
07. Rise Of Cobra
08. Let Will Be Life (verse by Andre Breton)
09. Two Closed Doors
10. Goodevil (feat. Rezult)
11. Dung-Beetle (ZiC cover)
12. Absence (feat. ZiC & dj basel)
13. Lancet (feat. Routiger Slob)
14. Alcohol (with verse by Jim Morrison)
15. We'll Not Go To Ukraine (feat. Monsieur Saï)
16. Everyone Wants
17. Prayer

Side B:
01. Cybernetic World Of Falsehood (music by FlySolo)
02. The Shit (music by Iori)
03. Between The Ribs (music by Aisi Says)
04. House In The Head (music by Imiro)
05. On Hind Legs (music by Hmuryi Lesnik)
06. Devourer (music by Dead Load)
07. Сrowd (music by Darvin)
08. Man Went Away Alone (music by Karina)

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