Aidan Baker - Half Lives [2015]

Aidan Baker - Half Lives [2015]

uploaded by sidos

Список треков:

CD1 - Mountains Sweat Clouds:
01. Mountains Sweat Clouds I
02. Mountains Sweat Clouds II
03. Creature (Intro)
04. You Are A Creature Of Darkness
05. Mountains Sweat Clouds III
06. Lighttrap I
07. Crow (Intro)
08. A Black Crow Flies
09. Lighttrap II
10. Lighttrap III

CD2 - As I Walked On Dead Earth:
01. As I Walked On Dead Earth I
02. Half Life
03. Until I Came To The River
04. Fear Of Open Spaces I
05. It Was All, All In A Dream
06. Somewhere In The World Trees Are Growing
07. Fear Of Open Spaces II
08. Then Came The Storm
09. And I Raise My Eyes To The Hills
10. Still There Is The Sound Of Thunder
11. As I Walked On Dead Earth II

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