Kyle Bobby Dunn - The Infinite Sadness [2014]

Kyle Bobby Dunn - The Infinite Sadness [2014]

uploaded by xzyw001

Список треков:

01. Overture de Peter Hodge Transport
02. An Excrement Suite (for Voices Lost Again)
03. Boring Foothills Of Foot Fetishville
04. Variation On A Theme By St. Dipshit
05. Rue De Guy-Mathieu
06. Saison Triste On Lac Of Baies
07. Mon Retard
08. Confessions Of The Mildly Miserable
09. La Failure et La Chance

01. Where Circles Never Become Circles
02. Duck Faced Fantasy
03. MacLeod (And The Victims Of Deception)
04. Spem In Alium & Her Unable
05. Ghostkeeping Verses I-IV
06. Powers Of None
07. The Same (Drunk in Quebec & In Love Club Remix)
08. Ontop Of Timeless Hour
09. Those Satisfactions Are Permanent
10. And The Day Is Dunn (And I Can Only Think of You)

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