RJD2 - Dame Fortune [2016]

RJD2 - Dame Fortune [2016]

Дата релиза: 25.03.2016

Качество: Lossless

uploaded by Индюшонок_Мишуры & uNOWu

Список треков:
01. A Portal Inward
02. The Roaming Hoard
03. Peace of What (feat. Jordan Brown)
04. The Sheboygan Left
05. A New Theory
06. We Come Alive (feat. Son Little)
07. PF, Day One
08. Saboteur (feat. Phonte Coleman)
09. Your Nostalgic Heart and Lung
10. Up in the Clouds (feat. Blueprint)
11. Band of Matron Saints (feat. Josh Krajcik)
12. Portals Outward

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