1by1 v1.42

1by1 v1.42, 2003-11-29

- File finder shows date and size
- File date modification feature implemented
- Special orientation feature: optional "Month colors" with opt. "sort by month"
- Auto space implemented
- Enhancer: optional highpass filter for input signal (see doc)
- Enhancer: treble shifter removed
- Enhancer: storing user settings enabled
- Favorite storing modified
- Icon re-designed
- Context menus slightly improved (app key usage, explore/edit in tree menu)
- Settings: scrollbars changed to trackbars
- Fixed: Numpad [ч] and [Ч] did not work as described
- Fixed: In some cases opening the save-to-playlist dialog failed
- Fixed: Even parts of file extensions were accepted on find/playlists
- Fixed: MPEG 2.5 files had wrong calculated lengths
- Fixed: Next folder or list wasn't auto-started correctly in some cases

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