DC++ 0.306

Обновился DC++ до версии 0.306. Очень хороший p2p клиент.
Серьёзных изменений нет.

Полный список изменений (на английском, сорри):
Added support for user command menu subitems (add a '\' to the name)
Added option to automatically add items to queue from ADL search
Added filesize and filesizeshort to search frame %[...] macros
Added option not to log filelist transfers
Changed autosearch so that it only searches if less than 5 sources are online, this should stop galloping filelist downloads as well
Upgraded to WTL 7.1, should fix a few UI issues
Some work on memory managment, dramatically improving DC++'s behaviour with large queues / shares
Auto-match queue is only done on exact match
The sound part of partially corrupted queues is now recovered
When opening a file list from search results, the file's directory is automatically shown
An extra buffer flush is done to ensure that file lists are fully written to disk
Readme automatically shown for new users
Filename is shown on transfer error
Ctrl-tab order is now the standard last-seen
Directories with '$' in the name are no longer shared

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