Обновилась неплохая писалочка дисков

what's new
Added: show file size of imported sessions
Improved: new unpacking and adding method for audio tracks (including stream code responsible for dealing with .ogg and .mpX file types)
Improved: option to "Initialize system ASPI first" is now not obligatory but recommended. If no writing drives were found in one of the available modes, the program repeats initializing procedure in other known modes
Fixed: bug in appending a multi-session disc (access violation error)
Fixed: bug in explorer and burning windows size and position changes.
Position is automatically set only during the creation of a CD/DVD and can be manually adjusted afterwards
Fixed: bug with inability to burn files without extensions
Fixed: bug with not disappearing buttons for choosing the specific disk editor if there's no affiliated windows
Fixed: bug with program instability if a file was selected in the disk editor window and the 'Create folder' button was pressed
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